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More Keyboard Lessons

With Gigajam membership you'll have access to more Keyboard lessons. From Debut Grade all the way to Grade Five. Continue from where you left off.

You'll also get other intruments, with the same number of lessons: Guitar, Bass and Drums.

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Personal Online Portfolio

Record your exercises via MIDI or Webcam, they are marked by your tutor and collected & displayed in your Portfolio. Develop a learning relationship as your tutor provides comments and feedback to help improve your performances. This human guidance helps you ask the right questions, get the right answers, and stay focused on learning.

Earn Music Grades

In partnership with the London College of Music we are able to award you music qualifications* when you complete a grade, this is all done online without you having to visit any exam centres.

Receive your internationally recognised music qualification, and a real certificate to hang on your wall.

* LCM charge a reduced fee of £10-£15 per optional exam.

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We create musicians.

We believe anyone can create music, and so we designed Gigajam to give everyone an opportunity to be able to play. We share your passion for music and want to help you enjoy the power of music in your life.

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